We travel from one place to another. Before we go on a trip or an adventure, we pack up things that we believe are the most important essentials needed for that occasion. How you pack, what you pack and when you pack depends on your personality, preference, time etc.

I usually like to get started early when going on a trip. When I pack a few things on my suitcase, I feel like I’ve started the packing process and on my way to finishing it soon. The later I start, the more I feel like I will miss out on packing something important. ┬áSome of the travel hacks that I used for a recent trip came from these websites:

Travel Gear


Do You Want To Travel The World?

Yes, you can!!! Nowadays, there are so many resources on the web for someone who wants to travel the world. One particular website I had visited ( a while back was filled with amazing content (travel tips, photography etc). I visited the site again today and got more insights from Expert Vagabond | Adventure Travel Blog .

The blog that I really enjoyed reading was My 30 Best Travel Tips After 4 Years Traveling The World. I could relate to some of the tips shared on the website such as Meet Local People, Smile & Say Hello, Splurge A Bit and Keep An Open Mind among others. These tips were very useful when I visited Thailand a few months ago.

Go and discover the world around you!