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Communicating Well…Perspectives from Nepal

Glocal, a company based in Kathmandu, Nepal managed a two day event through King’s Multi Dimensional Program at King’s College. The objective of the program was to discuss current business situations, challenges, opportunities in Nepal to guide college students and budding entrepreneurs.

I attended many sessions during the two days and enjoyed listening to the panelists. On the CEO UNPLUGGED – Communication Panel, I keenly listened to the perspectives shared by the panelists and asked a question on company culture during the Q&A session(48:20). Enjoy the video.


I finished reading THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK by Tim Ferriss. In the book, Tim shares his perspective on time management, productivity, income generation, world travel, mastering any skill among many other things. I still revisit the book to certain sections that are of interest to me and consider the book a useful resource for the current era.

If you have not read the book, this is a very good and concise summary of The 4-Hour Workweek. If you have read the book, this is still a cool video to look at. This is an animated book review by FightMediocrity which I recently found on YouTube. Have a look.

Being more productive – Part 3

In the last post on being more productive, there was a video on The Science of Productivity. The video mentions The Zeigarnik effect. I became curious to learn more about the Zeigarnik effect and started searching on the web.

Here’s what I found out:

The Zeigarnik effect  is named after Bluma Zeigarnik, a Lithuanian-born psychologist who first described this effect in her doctoral thesis in the late 1920s.

Through her research and studies, Zeigarnick stated that uncompleted tasks will stay on your mind until you finish them.

The Zeigarnik effect means that you are less likely to procrastinate once you actually start a task. You’re more inclined to finish something if you start it.

The key takeaway from The Zeigarnik effect and its relevance to productivity is that you should do the most important thing when undertaking a project: start. Once you start, your mind and body will do all that it can to finish the project. I can relate to this because when I write 1200 word length articles for Republica, the first thing I do is create a Word document just with the title in mind. This way I feel that the article has started and now I need to work on finishing it. Without even thinking about an article topic in mind, it feels forever for me to get started on that article. So starting is the foremost important part of any important work that you do.

Go Ahead & Get Started.

Being more productive – Part 1
Being more productive – Part 2


Being more productive – Part 2

Along with the Eisenhower Box, I recently learned about the science of productivity.
Some observations that I took away from this article were:

Amazingly though, research by Anders Ericsson that examined the practice sessions of elite violinists clearly showed that the best performers were not spending more time on the violin, but rather were being more productive during their practice sessions.

If you were trying to get better at basketball, you’d be much better off practicing specific drills for two hours rather than shooting hoops all day long.

One method is to use an Accountability Chart to track what work you’ve completed during your 90-minute productive sessions, similar to how the dieters tracked their food consumption.

What do you think? Have you used any of the ideas above in your life?

Being more productive – Part 1

I’m kind of obsessed with becoming more productive than the previous day. There are many strategies that I experiment with now and then. The latest one that I have been experimenting with is the Eisenhower Box. I found out about the Eisenhower Box when I attended a workshop on balancing work life and personal life. So far, I have found the Eisenhower Box to be a helpful guide in prioritizing my daily work and activities.

the eisenhower-box

Learn more at How to be More Productive and Eliminate Time Wasting Activities by Using the “Eisenhower Box

What do you think? Have you used the Eisenhower Box in your life?

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One of the best things an entrepreneur can do is to be a teacher. Teaching can help an entrepreneur build more self confidence, polish presentation skills, become a better communicator, share valuable experiences and do something meaningful.

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly in communication with people. Whether you are talking with your team, customers, investors, suppliers etc, communication is key to achieving your short and long term goals.

By teaching even part time or taking up teaching as a guest lecture for a few times a semester, you will be in front of people explaining your ideas and thoughts. I can’t think of a better way to become a better communicator than being a teacher.

Go Ahead. Teach. Share. Learn. Relearn. Make An Impact.