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Thank you for subscribing to this blog. I had been writing blogs at Curiosity Center for over five years now. I am excited to announce that going forward, I will be blogging from my personal website at I really hope that you will join me at my new domain and continue to look forward to your comments and feedback. Thanks again and Happy New Year 2017.

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Significance of entrepreneurship in Nepal

Entrepreneurial ventures are key contributors to a country’s economy.

There are so many problems in Nepal and there is an urgent need for ethical entrepreneurs to solve those problems. I see those problems as tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on. Muhammad Yunus once said government is structurally inefficient. Thus, entrepreneurs in Nepal can bring that efficiency in the marketplace where the government cannot.

Another Must Read Book (for social entrepreneurs)

I recently finished reading Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty by Muhammad Yunus. The author discusses the successes and challenges of micro credit and the future ahead for micro-lending. A lot of powerful ideas are presented in the book. This is a good read for anyone and a must read for social entrepreneurs.


When you have…it all

When you’ve achieved success in your activity or task, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment. But that sense of emotional high wanes down after a few hours, days or weeks. To continuously relieve that moment (those moments), I think each individual has to push his/her own boundary and go outside the comfort zone.

I believe when you evolve as a person, you keep reinventing yourself and you get to experience various levels and degrees of emotion. Those emotions will truly make you feel that you almost have it all.