Chicago during World Series

I was visiting Chicago for the weekend from New York. I had been to Chicago a few times before. But this time around, the atmosphere in Chicago was different. The energy was different. Game 5 of the World Series was at Wrigley Field. Games 3 and 4 had been played at Wrigley Field in the past two days.

To get the experience of a lifetime, we decided to visit Wrigley Field on Sunday, October 30th. Getting off the train was a struggle as hundreds of people were on the station. Walking around the ball park, you had a chance to experience all the excitement of the game that was about to take place tonight inside Wrigley Field. Throngs of people stood below the Wrigley Field sign and took pictures. People were buying Chicago Cubs gear left and right. We walked into a sporting goods store opposite of the ball park and there was literally no place to move. People were grabbing anything that had the Cubs logo on it. Back on the street, there was one guy handing around posters that read Make Someday Today. I also took home a poster as a souvenir. We spent more than two hours walking around the ball park to fully experience being in that moment of history.

Chicago Cubs would go on to win the next three games including Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians to clinch the MLB World Series.



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