Nepalese In Technology Entrepreneurship sponsored by FuseMachines

I am very excited to share my experiences and insights on technology entrepreneurship in the Nepalese context at an event in New York City. Besides sharing my experiences as an Operations Manager at Fusemachines Nepal, I will also highlight the current technology entrepreneurship ecosystem and opportunities in technology companies in Nepal. Organized by Nepalese Young Professionals in New York (NYPNY), this forum will feature various managers and entrepreneurs sharing insights and experiences from starting and building their businesses. Speakers in this forum include Nabin Banskota, Niran Shrestha , Nitin Sharma and Pawan Tamang.


This is an exclusive event to hear from entrepreneurs and managers so you can learn from their experiences and be a better entrepreneur, manager or a leader. In business, there is no better teacher than experience. This event is for you.

Visit the Nepalese Young Professionals in New York (NYPNY) Facebook page today to sign up and start making an impact right away.

Event link:
Date and time: October 1st (Saturday), 2016 1pm-3pm
Location: Malingo NY –


Speaking at ICT Meetup V4.0

I spoke on the topic “AI in Business” at ICT Meetup V4.0 at Prime College.

Read more about ICT Meetup at

Coverage of ICT Meetup on The Himalayan Times

Talking Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Nepal

Recently, Dr. Sameer Maskey, CEO of Fusemachines, a New York based technology company shared his experiences and knowledge at National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) in Kumultar, Nepal.

Learn more about Fusemachines and the work they are doing on their website:

Will Biometrics Technology Make Your ATM Card Obsolete?

This is pretty interesting. Reading about biometrics technology to conduct banking transactions seems like we are entering a new frontier. Customer service is going to another level.

What will the future consumer look like? With the integration of biometrics technology in banking transactions, would it make carrying around my debit card, check book or even my wallet obsolete? Will our smartphones replace all other items that we usually carry around (tickets, ids) and make life easier? We’ll have to see.

A video on how Biometrics Technology is getting implemented in the banking sector.

“Citi Bank giving us a look of the early stages testings this high-tech atm that uses your eye, not a card, to verify your identity. “We are always looking for innovations that will bring simplicity to your life.” Deibold, the maker shows us how it works.”

Grand Vision, Focus and Action

When I clicked to watch a YouTube video, I came across an ad. That ad seemed interesting and I watched the whole ad. I clicked on the link after the ad and landed on this website –

On Billions in Change website, it states Our Mission – The time for raising awareness is over. It is time to implement solutions to the most important global problems – water, energy and health

I browsed through different pages of the website and also watched the film:

You can’t help but be inspired by the video and the Billions in Change movement. It’s a pretty formidable grand plan to tackle some of the biggest problems that the world faces today – water, energy and health. These problems are being faced by countries at different scales and the time to address them have never been more urgent.

Are you joining the Billions in Change movement?

Understanding the consumer

It is said that consumer behaviour is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society.

Although we have access to many tools (website, social media) to reach the consumers and market to them, are we missing understanding the potential consumers and their behaviors first. As a new entrepreneur, you have the idea and you have the passion. You just want to start working on that website or that mobile app already. However, the important question to ask yourself is will the consumer be ready to change his/her behavior to buy your idea/product/service? If you have an ecommerce idea, you have to ask questions (especially in a market like Nepal) such as “Are my potential customers used to ecommerce?” “Is there a reliable payment gateway for consumers to shop online or through the mobile app?” “What is the current shopping behavior of the consumers and why would they go online and use your ecommerce site?”
Asking the right questions might be more important than just coming up with a solution.