Working in Kathmandu vs. New York City

I have been pretty lucky to have had the opportunity to work in both Kathmandu and New York City. I love both cities for their own reasons. The statements below are based on my experiences working in a technology company/teaching at a college in Kathmandu and working in technology companies/financial consulting firm/law office in New York City.


For me, working at a growing technology company in Kathmandu has an underdog feeling to it. One is constantly reading online of major news happening in the US such as acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft , space tourism, commercial drones etc through tech blogs, YouTube etc. Being in Nepal, I felt that Nepal was highly underrated on the technology map of the world. We were not making newspaper headlines for advances in technology or doing innovative things with technology (at least not in a major way yet). I day dreamed of Google knocking down on a startup’s door, buying the company and becoming the first company being bought by Google in Nepal. When I attended a Startup Weekend Kathmandu or a Entrepreneurs for Nepal’s Last Thursdays event, I was always excited to hear and feel the hunger and enthusiasm of the youth. These events made me confident that we also have dynamic entrepreneurial individuals making an impact. In contrast, working in New York City makes me feel like I am where the action is. I walk down the street and people are rushing-rushing to be somewhere. Here, it seems like people are finding so many different and creative ways to make money. There are world renowned entrepreneurs, rising entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in every corner of New York City. When I attend a Salestech Meetup in Manhattan or a Nepalese in Entrepreneurship event in Queens, you get inspired by the backgrounds, achievements and passion of the people you meet at these events. What makes working in New York City exciting is the energy, the passion and the ambition of the people living here.

I will be sharing more of my experiences in the coming days relating and comparing many things Kathmandu and New York City. Stay tuned. 




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