Will Biometrics Technology Make Your ATM Card Obsolete?

This is pretty interesting. Reading about biometrics technology to conduct banking transactions seems like we are entering a new frontier. Customer service is going to another level.

What will the future consumer look like? With the integration of biometrics technology in banking transactions, would it make carrying around my debit card, check book or even my wallet obsolete? Will our smartphones replace all other items that we usually carry around (tickets, ids) and make life easier? We’ll have to see.

A video on how Biometrics Technology is getting implemented in the banking sector.

“Citi Bank giving us a look of the early stages testings this high-tech atm that uses your eye, not a card, to verify your identity. “We are always looking for innovations that will bring simplicity to your life.” Deibold, the maker shows us how it works.”


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