New Road Grub Trail (Part 2)


Kathmandu is a resilient city. Having survived the earthquake, its streets are now filled with people, shops have opened, street sellers are visible, vehicles pack the streets and local eats are buzzing like before. It feels like the “regular” kathmandu again.

The local chefs are back at work cooking their finest meals to the ever hungry Kathmandu populace. We had to venture around the city to get a taste of what they are cooking. With an insatiable appetite for local authentic dishes, we headed to the epicenter of Kathmandu-New Road. New Road never feels empty no matter what time of the day you go there. Thus, it seemed like the perfect place to discover eats, quench our appetite and rejoice in the diverse culinary that makes Kathmandu, Kathmandu!

After the Basantapur Grub Trail, part 2 of the culinary tour began at Chinese Kitchen, Pako Road. Behind the mobile shops and through a narrow alley, we arrived at the popular eatery. The place was almost fully packed and we headed straight to the counter. After describing our purpose to the owner of the restaurant, he instantly started telling us the special items that brings throngs of foodies to the place. Since this was our first spot, the right decision was to start off with a plate of chicken momos and chicken on a stick. The food was prepared quickly, on our table and in no time the plates were empty. Chinese Kitchen

After Chinese Kitchen, we headed to another local favorite-Famous. Located behind the clothing stores, Famous Momo & Sticks House serves aloo (potatoes) and momos like no other. Famous Momo & Famous Momos
We couldn’t resist ordering chicken momos again plus got ourselves a plate of fried potatoes. The potatoes were crunchy and tasty. After Famous, we reached New dish for pork momos.
New dish food
The momos were average and not as flavorful as the chicken momos we had earlier. All the food that we had up to this point felt like appetizers until we reached Lumbini Tandoori Vojnalaya. At Lumbini, we asked the manager what’s the most popular food item here and he suggested we try the Chicken Naan and Omelette Curry. We agreed and waited to be delighted.

The manager brought us the food and we devoured through it quickly. It was the first time I had tasted Chicken Naan and it was a treat. It was the right combination of taste and portion which could be ideal for a lunch or dinner meal. After walking around New Road to digest what we just had, our next stop was Om Pani Puri Juice Center where we had yoghurt puri. Sweet and spicy flavored yoghurt puri really put the icing on the meal we had at Lumbini. Then, we walked over to VIP Pan Pasal for pan (betel chewing) and took the pan-to-go. A food tour in Kathmandu’s hub is not complete without visiting Janakpur Lassi. We gulped the lassi and were eager to have another cup. Capping off our grub tour, we enjoyed the special Paan made by the friendly paan vendor.

Although a throng of new cuisine restaurants have opened up around Kathmandu, for me the joy of eating locally popular eats is a treat and finding them an adventure. Go and discover all the diverse eats in Kathmandu.

What are your thoughts on the Kathmandu culinary scene? Have you been to these above spots? Share your experiences!!!

Photos by Suman Maharjan

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