What is the goal of Education?

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Indian news channel Times Now Editor Arnab Goswami and Bollywood actor Aamir Khan sat down to talk about education and community service at St. Xaviers college in Mumbai, India July 18, 2009. Former Secretary Hillary Clinton and Aamir Khan spoke about Teach India and Teach for India, two Indian education NGOs.

Aamir Khan shared his perspective on education “…One of the key things in education for me is not you know whether you know the answer of (a+b)^2 but are you encouraging children to question, are you encouraging children to have minds which are wanting to learn and are thirsty and hungry and not merely people who have a good memory.”

I agree with Aamir’s perspective on education. His words and ideas resonate to the culture of teaching in Nepal. The world is changing and we need problem solvers more than ever to tackle the ever growing challenges that Nepal and the world faces today. Thus, encouraging discussion, curiosity and a quest for knowledge in students is a must and should be part of the learning process. Final grades for each subject should not just depend on the test scores of the students, the grades should also encompass participation, an eagernees to learn and honest effort.

Education is, one of the biggest if not the most important investment for an individual. Education provides an individual with more choices and options than for somebody who does not have an education. People who are educated and skilled make decisions differently than those who are less fortunate to have one. We all understand the value of an education and the education systems have to continuously evolve to meet the needs and challenges of the society and the world.

What are your thoughts on education?


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