Some insights into people management (Nepalese context)

Talented, smart and proactive individuals are a gem in the Nepalese context. From conversations with different talented individuals on what they appreciate from employers or look for in their work places, I came across few key insights.

Verbal acknowledgement and appreciation of the employee’s work. It feels good to be appreciated for what you do. We all know that employers pay salaries to their employees and compensate them for their work. However, simple gestures such as Thank you, Team Member Name, you helped us meet an important deadline or I know it has been a very hectic week and I appreciate you working the weekends to make sure our client is happy makes a big difference.  Again, remember if the individual is talented and can find other work easily, sincere verbal acknowledgement of their work goes a long way. This is very valuable in the Nepalese context and we have to use it as much as possible when we work with others.

Set realistic deadlines. A lot of times as managers we are faced with clients reports, meetings, conference calls, you name it. Yes you have hired someone or a couple of people to do some tasks. Be sure to talk to your team members if they can realistically meet the client’s deadlines before agreeing with the client. If a client insists that he/she really needs that report in two days, do you have people ready to deliver it in time and with quality? If not, then kindly let the client know what would be a realistic time they can deliver the project. Expecting your employees to spend all their waking minutes and hours to complete projects for the company will drain the employee in the long run and soon your best employees will be giving you a two weeks notice for their departure.

Reward accordingly. It is important to reward your employees fairly and on time. There are different salary ranges for different positions and experience levels. It is ethical and critical to pay employees what they deserve and what they have earned. Remember in a market like Nepal where quality human resource is scarce, employers are always scouting for the best talent.  Thus, as managers we should compensate the employees good or even better than industry average if possible. Your employees should also be very clear in how the company rewards its team members, when they get paid, how employees are promoted in the company etc.



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