Basantapur Grub Trail

Kathmandu is filled with amazing eateries and spots that only locals know. I was craving to go to spots that only the locals of a certain area would know. Thus, going on this food crawl in Basantapur with Suman Maharjan was a good choice because he’s a local of this neighborhood and is knowledgeable about a lot of stuff.

So here we go. We met at Basantapur Durbar Square on Saturday afternoon. We initially created a short list of places that we wanted to visit. Then we created the route to visit those specific places and for the next two hours here was our journey.

FirIMG_0955st stop, a local samosa favorite Tip Top. Tip Top has been a staple to the Kathmandu food scene for quite some time. Many people opt to make a quick visit to Tip Top on their shopping trip to New Road. There is always a crowd at TipTop.

Suman at Tip Top restaurant

Nirmal at Tip Top restaurant






SeconIMG_0962d stop, a new burger joint called Busy burger. It was just that…busy. Kathmandu has witnessed a significant growth of burger joints especially in the last 3-5 years and the location of Busy burger makes it a convenient spot to munch on a delicious burger while on your shopping trip to the area. I opted for a fish burger and Suman had a spicy chicken burger. Both burgers were better than average.


Third stop, we decided that a refreshing lassi would be the right choice after the burgers and samosas. Available in two sizes, small and large, the lassi is tasty, very sweet and with some hint of cashew/nuts. Later on I felt that the lassi would have been a better choice towards the end of the tour because it was filling to go to the next grub spot right away. Fourth stop on our foodie journey was the momo staple known as Sandar Momo. SIMG_0999andar Momo has been around for almost 27 years thus cementing itself as a must visit regional momo destination. Just looking at the people standing and enjoying delicious, yummy momos served on green leaves shaped like a bowl makes you wonder what the buzz is all about. We got ourselves some momos and poured some mild sauce over it.

IMG_0988Momos are a delicacy that you will find in any nook of Kathmandu. And you can’t say you have had Nepali food until you have had momos (chicken, buff, paneer, veg. etc). Almost the unofficial national food of Nepal and Nepalese worldwide-momos.

Fifth stop, Snowman Restaurant. Having just had momos, we decided to go a little light and got ourselves coffee cake and coconut cake plus coffee at the much packed Snowman. The packed atmosphere at Snowman hosted a vibrant young crowd-some singing while some enjoying their desserts. I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee cake but could not completely enjoy the coffee.







Sixth stop, we went to Ranjana soda center. Located opposite of the New Road Pipalbot and behind Bishal Bazar, it is a walk inside and around some buildings. Ranjana’s been around the block since 2003 B.S. and locals come here for a smooth and crisp soda of different flavors. It was also exciting to see soda being prepared at the moment we visited the place.







We decided to finish off our food adventure by visiting the V.I.P Pan Pasal located close to Ranjana’s. Tasty, chewy and prepared right infront of you, the special made pan was a treat to wrap up our food tour.







Overall, Kathmandu’s food scene is diverse with blend of modern and authentic cuisines. I recommend you to explore the city, be adventureous and enjoy to the fullest what the city has to offer in terms of its food. You will always find new places to drink that special tea, eat that special momo or that special something just like the locals do. Eat Like A Local.

Photos by Suman Maharjan


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