Growing ecosystem

In an idea ecosystem, it’s not only the idea that matters; the environment matters even more. For the idea to thrive, it needs an environment where it can grow. An idea is basically like a small seed, you plant it/water it/provide sunlight and do what you can to grow it.

Kathmandu’s young startup ecosystem is growing. There is an enthusiastic and hungry group of aspiring entrepreneurs/current entrepreneurs, frequent events focused on entrepreneurship/innovation, media especially print highlighting the work of rising and seasoned entrepreneurs including a magazine focused on entrepreneurship (VenturePlus), programs like Rockstart Impact Nepal etc.

One of the things I enjoy the most about Kathmandu’s budding startup ecosystem is the camaraderie among the members of the ecosystem. There is a dynamic and positive energy shared among the developers, founders, mentors and other members of the ecosystem. This camaraderie, energy and shared purpose will be the driving force that will help grow and take our startup ecosystem to the next level.



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