Can we compete globally?

The answer is YES WE CAN. Nepal has an abundance of technical talent. From programmers, designers to app developers and web developers, the raw talent is definitely here. I am frequently amazed by the talent that I come across when I attend events and competitions.

One important question is how can we make our technical talent globally competitive. In my opinion, we can do many things. First, we have to realize our strengths. Rudra Pandey has said that our comparative advantage lies in software. We have to make software that solve problems and are of excellent quality. Quality should be the top priority for developers. We also have to realize that the cost advantages of building an amazing software in Nepal and selling it abroad presents a huge opportunity for us to leverage on.

Second, we have to realize that we cannot compete on price alone. We cannot just offer the cheapest price to the client. We have to build products of excellent quality at great speed with a reasonable price. For example, someone in Vietnam can also make an iPad app at the same cost as someone in Nepal. Can Nepalese developers offer better quality, speed and communication skills than Vietnamese developers? It is a lot to ask for but you have to be the best at what you do.

Third, it is important to become great at one thing. We have to accept that one cannot be the best designer, programmer and app developer. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, care, passion and focus to be really good at one thing. Thus, we have to really focus and be great at one thing. When I think of good graphic designers from Nepal, Ananda K. Maharjan comes to my mind. Being really good at one thing is no accident, it takes strategic focus.


2 thoughts on “Can we compete globally?

  1. I want to add few more things.

    1. I am amazed myself at the potential. Most of the people here are self taught. In the scale of skill expertise from 1-10. I think self taught people can reach to 7. But climbing to the to be 8,9 and 10 xer, it can only have happen when those 7ers work in the same team. Collaborate with one another, learn from one another, and collectively push one another to become 10xers.

    2. Quality solution will not come from 10x programmer alone, 10x designer alone, 10x business guy alone. The great problem solving solution with great quality that can compete in the world will only come from team of 10xers.

    Therefore, I am deeply worried about this fragmentation of skill sets in our country. Let us strive towards in bringing cohesive collaboration among 7ers to reach to 10xers level. Ultimately, we will have more 10xers who can compete and win the global battle.

  2. Bimal, thanks for adding your thoughts. I agree with your perspectives. Yes the potential is definitely here. The talent is raw and it can be refined through continuous self improvement and mentorship. Both technical skills and business skills are becoming ever more important and we all need to work together, push each other and can accomplish more together. #livingthenepalidream

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