In a thought provoking article “You Can Use Restauranteur’s Secret Sauce” by Libby Dubick, she had shared “Technical skills can be learned, but it is nearly impossible to train someone to care.”

What do we mean by “care”? How do you measure care? And how do you get people to care?

People are motivated to work for a particular company for a variety of reasons. Besides the obvious financial reasons, what else can motivate someone to spend their precious time in the world to be working towards a company’s vision.

Motivated individuals seek more than financial returns in their jobs. They seek emotional and purposeful returns. People like to feel that they helped solve a problem for someone else. They want to feel that their contribution mattered and it had an impact in someone, a group, a society or even a country. Most of the motivation comes from intangible sources.

Care, as I define it, is something you cannot get just by paying some. Sure, money motivates us to perform but does it really incentivize us to care. In the long run, financial motivation alone will not be enough for an individual to stay with the company.

Care is when an individual performs more than what he or she is required to do in their job description. Since care is an intangible asset, we can see it, sense it and feel it. It’s hard to measure care so you have to keep your eyes and ears open to see it in action. When the leadership is motivated to the work and the impact the work has, the team will also start to care enough about the problem you are solving.

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