Making education relevant in the market

Colleges have a responsibility to prepare students for the job market.  Besides teaching the required course work, colleges should provide ample opportunities for their students to get real world exposure. The drive to give students the industry exposure has to be an integral part of the college culture.

To make college education relevant in the market, colleges can do many things. One, guest speakers should be continuously brought to the college to give students relevant industry knowledge. These guest speaker events should not be just limited to a particular class. It should be available to any student who wants to attend and increase his or her knowledge and skills. Second, career services of any college should be in continuous touch with companies and understand what types of positions and skills are demanded in the marketplace. A regular follow up with companies is a must. Third, colleges should tap into their alumni network and create workshops to bring together current college students and the alumni of the school. This is a huge opportunity for colleges and one that has not been fully utilized in the context of Nepal.

These are some suggestions. A college who really cares about providing value to their students will continue to innovate their coursework and provide many opportunities for their students to be prepared for the real world.

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