Culture takes company to new heights

I once heard something like this at a conference “Culture eats strategy for lunch.”

Right then, I didn’t really understand the full extent of that statement. But then over the years, I have realized how important that statement was. Culture is everything. A company where front line employees are empowered to make decisions regarding customer service problems or queries will most likely solve the problem quicker, earn the trust of a customer or potential customer and will make the employee feel important in the company.  On the other hand, if the company culture is about hierarchy where decisions take longer than necessary, then it drives the customer crazy, employees feel helpless and less important plus hurts the reputation of the brand overall.

So what do you choose to do? Take care of the problem fast and make everyone in your company feel important. Or would you rather not do that.

Actually when you really think about it, it starts with the management at the top. Are they really committed to empower their employees? Do they delegate responsibility properly? Do they not only acknowledge and care for their employees through words but also by action? If employees are actually being proactive and suggesting good ideas, a good culture would take into consideration their viewpoints or least hear them. Even if the idea is not implemented, at least the employee feels like they were heard or listened to. But a bad culture would demotivate employees and even make employees hesitant to suggest good ideas or come up with better strategies. Once top management is on board to creating and emphasizing a great company culture, then it all trickles down. And everyone feels important at the company and customers get to enjoy the benefits too.


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