Book review of Karna Sakya’s “All the Best Imagine-Explore-Implement”

All the best by Karna SakyaI recently finished reading Karna Sakya’s book “All the best.” He has dedicated this book to “All the enterprising unsung heroes of Nepal whose contribution are deeply rooted in the soil of the nation.”

I would say this book is a practical guide for individuals who want to become better leaders, entrepreneurs or just a better person. The message is simple and honest. The author’s positive attitude and optimistic outlook towards the future of Nepal is evident throughout the book. What I enjoyed most was reading the personal experiences shared by the author on building Kathmandu Guest House and other hotels in Nepal, experiences with his staff among others. In a few examples in the book, I wished the author provided more context which would have made the message even more meaningful.

Overall, Karna Sakya’s “All the best Imagine-Explore-Implement” is a highly recommended book. The book’s value is in the rich experiences and lessons shared by the author.

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