Want to change the world while working and living in Nepal?

I copied my friend, Bimal Maharjan’s Facebook status which went something like this:

We are looking for an insanely ambitious, super passionate, and immensely talented UX designer to join our start up team. We are a bit crazy ourselves to believe that we can change the world.

What will you get?

Red eyes because of lack of sleep, stiff back for sitting too long and hangover for working too hard. As I write this I have all three. But you will never be tired or frustrated because you will be working with crazily creative people who will be waking up every day with a burning desire“Oh I can’t wait to meet my team and do kickass work today”. You will get to be in a disruptive journey to build an awesome start up.

What is our start up about?

Check http://www.bablrr.com. It is shitty and buggy right now! Boy, are we embarrassed with our alpha release. But Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn) has said “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” You get it, don’t you?

We are building a platform which will help people broadcast what’s in their mind without leaving any digital history in the internet. For simplicity, it is similar to other social media but your posts will automatically die after certain time. So that no one in future can track what you did today and make different assumptions about you. Therefore, our vision is to build a freaking awesome platform so that people can enjoy freedom of expression uninhibitedly.

What are we looking from you?
100% of your time, commitment and craziness. A passion and talent on User experience design in mobile and web.

Join us if you have the ambition to build a freaking awesome start up.

Send your resume and your previous work to bmlmaharjan@gmail.com


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