Breaking New Grounds in Nepal

ECS Media, a leading media house in Nepal has a weekly magazine publication titled Fr!day Events & Entertainment Weekly. The magazine did a story on Breaking New Grounds.  Here is the coverage from Issue 177

FridayEntrepreneurship for me is exciting. It is about living your passion and making an impact.

My vice as an entrepreneur is that I excessively check my e-mails.

An entrepreneur I look up to is Prabal Gurung. He loves what he does and is successful.

One profession I can never imagine myself being involved in is a particular one. They say, what you resist, persists. So let’s keep my options open.

One venture I wish I were the pioneer of is Nike. The brand is known worldwide and it seems exciting to work with world-class athletes.

My favorite hobbies are writing thought-provoking and meaningful articles, travelling, meeting new people and learning something new.

A funny moment while pursuing the venture occurred during the celebration of the launch of our new product. We decided to order food from Foodmandu but did so only when we were hungry. Had to munch on some snacks before the actual lunch arrived.

A piece of advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs is: Do the work you are passionate about. When you follow your heart, you will lead a more happy and meaningful life. 


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