Telecommunications scenario in Nepal

Nepal Telecommunications Authority has revealed its latest report on telecom services in Nepal. The report demonstrates the overall telecom scenario in Nepal based on the data collected till February 15, 2013. The report shows the telephone penetration rate reaching 71.90%.

While there has been a slight decrease in the numbers of fixed or landline telephone lines from 3.19% last year to 3.14% this year, the users of mobile phones have increased from 53.39% to 63.72%. In the last one year Ncell has shown remarkable growth in its number of users and is now the leading GSM network of Nepal with a market share of 48 percent i.e., 9,133,305 users compared to NTC’s 8,503,891 users with the market share of 45 percent. SmartTel and UTL each have 3 percent of market shares while other remaining service providers have one percent.

Source: Nepal Telecom Authority and Sparrow SMS

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