Pivot Nepal Competition Finalist

Pivot Nepal is an initiative to bring out entrepreneurial spirit within mobile application developer community in Nepal. It is a platform for mobile app developers and other mobile enthusiasts to bring forward their creative and innovative mobile app ideas, products and prototypes that has the potential to stand out as a sustainable business in itself.

Our idea titled Parakhi hotel booking app was selected as a Finalist from 116 ideas. Here’s more information about our mobile app idea:

Nepal welcomed 598,204 tourists in 2012 and more than 45,000 tourists came in February 2013 alone. Tourism numbers to Nepal will continue to rise.

For tourists who want to book a hotel room in Nepal, Parakhi’s free hotel booking app is the one stop solution to search and book hotels. Our mobile app will enable tourists to search and book hotels easily and conveniently. Besides hotel information, the mobile app will also provide maps, weather information and information on local events and festivals.

When a tourist downloads the Parakhi app and books a hotel room, we take a commission out of the transaction with the hotel. Going forward we will also be considering different ways of monetizing the mobile app.


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