Startup Weekend Kathmandu

Startup Weekend Kathmandu took place at SAP Falcha from February 8 – February 10. On Friday evening, many individuals took to the stage to deliver their idea pitch. After everyone pitched their ideas followed by dinner, attendees voted for the best ideas. My idea of digitizing Nepali literature and works of Nepali authors was selected as one of them.

I was given the lead role of putting together a team and by Friday evening I had a team ready for the weekend. On Saturday we started discussing each other’s strengths and brainstorming ideas. We talked to many coaches who offered valuable advice and insights to our idea. It was very exciting and thrilling to be part of this weekend. I continued to think how lucky I was to be part of the 1st Startup Weekend Kathmandu. By Saturday evening we had made good progress and I spent the night at the hostel right across the SAP Falcha building.

The next day or the final day was hectic. We worked on completing the project and have a presentation ready for the evening. We talked to more coaches and got their input. We all gathered at the main room and teams started presenting what they had made in the last 54 hours. We were group 6 and did our presentation. We were asked questions by the judges and we answered them. After all 14 teams made their presentations, the judges and organizers took some time to vote on the best ideas. After some anxious and tense minutes, the results were announced.

Four teams were selected as winners. Race Your Town were the 2nd Runner up. My team, Nepali Bytes was 1st Runner up with another team, Team Gamification and the winner was Team  Parikshya. All 14 ideas were awesome. I learned a lot over the weekend from my team and the coaches and was very glad that I was part of Startup Weekend Kathmandu.

Official blog link of List of Winners at Startup Weekend Kathmandu


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