Internet and mobile penetration rates in Nepal

The Himalayan Times reported on April 23, 2012 that…

The number of internet users surged to 4.44 million in mid-March up from 4.19 million reported in mid-February. However, the internet penetration rate has gone up by less than one per cent to 16.67 per cent in mid-March from a month earlier’s 15.75 per cent, according to Nepal Telecommunications Authority.

Furthermore, some 81,661 internet subscribers used ADSL — in mid-March — up from 78,740 a month ago and some 17,036 used cable internet up from 17,108 in mid-February, the report added. “But the dial-up user base dropped to 18,794 from 19,520 in a month, it said, adding that some 32,279 internet users connected through other wireless or fibre optic technologies, compared to some 31,636 a month ago.

Similarly, the number of mobile customers has also increased to 14.22 million in mid-March from 13.85 million in mid-February. “Of the total, some 13.37 million are GSM users, up from 12.99 million a month earlier, and the rest used Nepal Telecom’s CDMA service called Sky Phone,” it revealed. Similarly, the overall telephone penetration rate has touched 60.34 per cent, which was 58.66 per cent in mid-February.

The full article can be found here.

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