A spectacular dining experience (Featured in The Himalayan Times)


On a recent Sunday, I went to Alina’s Bakery Café with a few friends for a late lunch. Alina’s is located next to the Everest Bank and opposite to The Everest Hotel in New Baneshwor. The front area of the Alina’s consists of the bakery while the seating area is next to the bakery as well as inside the cafe. Once inside, we decided to sit on the patio.

Once we got seated, a staff member handed us the menu. We chose to start off with Chicken Momos and Milk Coffee. Our coffee came first, which was a good start to our dining experience. The Chicken Momos were served as our appetisers and they were delicious. The wrap was soft, the meat was cooked just right and the subtle combination of ingredients made us savour the taste of each piece of Momo. The Momo Achaar had the right amount of spice and flavour to complement the Momos.  Then, for the main course, we ordered Vegetable Pakodas, Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice, as well as Kothey Momos. The Vegetable Pakodas were crunchy. They were mild and not greasy. Dipping the Vegetable Pakodas in some ketchup proved appetising. The Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice was decent enough, though there was too much gravy on the chicken. I believe if the dish had less gravy and was less sweet, it would be more pleasing. The Kothey Momos were good but not as appealing as their regular Momos. After the main course, we had Black Tea and a White Forest Cake. The cake was simply delicious.

We spent a good two hours at the café. There was a good crowd during the time we reached there. Almost all the tables seemed to be occupied. There were three staff members for the lower section of the café, but only one staff member for the patio. At a given time, there were at least five groups in the patio therefore two staff members would have been better to attend these guests. This way, the staff members could have been more proactive in their service.

I do consider the ambience of any café an important factor in my dining experience. I would say the overall ambience of Alina’s Bakery Cafe is average, however the view from the lower section of the café is spectacular. You can see Buddhanagar and the dense skyline of the Valley. The atmosphere is spacious yet cosy. The bathrooms are located on the bottom floor and are clean.

I liked my dining experience at Alina’s Bakery Café and enjoyed their regular dishes. From a previous experience, I can also attest that their Vegetable Pizza and Mixed Chowmein are delicious, and I rave about their plain and Chocolate Donuts. The café is conveniently located and a few parking spots are available. The prices are moderate and it is good for dining out with friends and families.


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