‘Culture’ matters

Every company has a certain ‘culture.’ In some companies, culture is carried out strategically and in others it is there organically. I believe the best companies really care about their so called company culture. These companies understand that hiring the wrong person would be disastrous to the culture of the company. Thus they really want to screen out the candidates who do not fit their culture.

Different industries have different cultures set in place and certain behaviors are to be expected. You do not see people in finance walking around in shorts and a t-shirt. On the same token, you do not see programmers walking around the office and attend meetings in suits. This is because its a cultural and behavioral thing.

I truly believe that building and having a strong company culture is very critical for the long term success of the company. The most valuable asset any company has is its people. Bringing the right people in the company is critical because the wrong person(s) could cost your company time, money and unnecessary headache. So the earlier you focus on company culture, the more you can be assured that the ship is heading in the right direction.


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