Buzz Cafe & Bar review

For lunch on September 16, 2012, we went to Buzz at Baluwatar to find out what it was all about. Buzz is easy to find because of two big signs that can be seen from the street. As light rain continued, we got to Buzz and found ourselves greeted by the restaurant staff. After a light conversation with the owner, Sagar Gurung; we sat down with the chef and asked about the best and popular items that are available at Buzz. The chef told us that they have many items that are popular and suggested we try out the BBQ chicken wings, chicken club wrap and pork chop with rice and seasonal vegetables. All of their popular items are marked with a check on the menu so people know what items are especially sought after at Buzz.

As we waited for the food to arrive, Suman started taking pictures of the surroundings and I started walking around the cafe. As you enter the cafe, you are greeted with a nicely maintained garden with enchanting sculptures. The kitchen is located in the middle of the garden with the bar and seating area attached to it. On the other side, there is a seating area enough for about 10-16 people (which is where we sat). The area is neat, cozy and vibrant with multiples sculptures and designs that decorate the garden. Suman liked the atmosphere and arrangements of the garden and space as much as I did. I struck casual conversations with Rudra about the lunch traffic, how long the cafe has been around and the best items in their menu among other topics. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. Mani Shah, a former national team football player told Suman that Buzz was a spot he visited regularly.

Our appetizers bbq chicken wings came with home salad on the side. They were delicious. It was well cooked and dipped into the right amount of bbq sauce. The wings were soft and chewy. Our main course arrived just as we were finishing the chicken wings. The Chicken club wrap had chicken, bacon, mayonnaise, assortment of vegetables and it was excellent. The fries that came with the wrap were fresh and tasty and the cocktail sauce, which is made in the restaurant, was terrific. The fries itself were very good and the cocktail sauce really accentuated the taste. I enjoyed the wrap a little more than Suman did but he preferred the cocktail sauce very much. The pork chops were cooked medium rare. Suman enjoyed the pork because it was soft and cheesy and the red sauce made it flavorful. For me the pork chop was decent. I would have liked it to be medium well or well done. A little more salt on it would have been good too. The red sauce that came with the pork chop was tasty. We decided to skip dessert and settle for drinks. I got myself a milk tea and Suman got a milk coffee. We were satisfied with our drinks.

Throughout our dining experience, Rudra kept coming to our table and asking us if we needed anything else. We really appreciated his service and were delighted for the hospitality. The managers and other staff at Buzz were also friendly and inviting. The atmosphere of the restaurant is unique and homely. I would go there again and try their chicken club wrap, fries and some other item(s) that are popular at Buzz.

Photo by Suman Maharjan.


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