Higher Ground review

On September 9th, Sunday afternoon, I went to a cafe called Higher Ground located in Lalitpur for lunch with my friend Suman. Higher Ground is situated on the 1st floor across the street from WorldLink offices. As we entered the cafe, I liked the feel and atmosphere of it.

As you enter, you’ll notice the menu board on the left side leading up to the main seating area. Thinking that the long sofas would be comfortable, we decided to sit in the middle of the cafe next to the windows overlooking the Lalitpur traffic outside.

We sat down and waited to be served. After a few minutes, the staff came over and handed us the menu. Upon quickly browsing the menu, I decided to try the chicken fajita and Suman chose the sphaghetti with tomato sauce. He ordered a coke and I got myself a coffee.

We could see the kitchen from where we were sitting. While waiting for the food, we talked about the ambience and decoration of the place. The vibe of the cafe was comforting with sleek brown and black sofas, small tables and even a small library at the corner which had a collection from Teenz magazines to novels. There were also a few animal toys to play with for kids. The restroom was clean with plenty of dry towels.

The chicken fajita arrived first and it seemed good for two so I split it in half. Suman reached out for his camera to capture the dish before we started to feed our appetite. The chicken fajita had a very good bite to it. It was delicious and the assortment of vegetables from sliced carrots to green peppers added a nice flavor to it. The chips were a little greasy for my taste as well as for Suman. The sphaghetti also made it to the table and the amount was good enough for two. For me, the sphaghetti’s taste was good but a little more salt and tomato sauce on it could have made it better. My coffee was good and I enjoy drinking coffee with milk rather than just black. Upon requesting for milk, the staff quickly brought it to our table. For dessert, Suman decided to try out the brownie with vanilla flavored ice-cream on top and I settled for a regular tea after being full from the main courses. Suman really liked the dessert and was glad that he did not have to share it.

When we first got to the cafe, there were already two people chatting and enjoying coffee. Later a few foreigners came in a group of five and sat at the corner and I assumed that Higher Ground was a regular spot that they visit.

Overall, I especially liked Higher Ground’s ambience and its atmosphere. One could spend hours without realizing how fast it goes. The place is cozy and comforting. The food was delicious and drinks were good. The staff was friendly and hospitable. I struck a short conversation on the necklaces and wristbands hanging on the walls and the staff told me that they run a Craft shop where they employ women to make necklaces and wristbands and sell it from the store. I found that to be a very genuine effort by the cafe to also have a social purpose.

I do have a few suggestions for improvement. The service could be a bit more prompt as I think the staff should approach the guests right away after they are seated and continually check with the guests on how the food is and if they needed anything else.

If you want to enjoy tasty food at reasonable prices and in a relaxing atmosphere, Higher Ground is one place you should visit in Lalitpur. I recommend the chicken fajita and choosing one of their desserts. Overall, our experience at Higher Ground was a positive one.

Photo by Suman Maharjan.


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